“What A Year” – Wow Thank You

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People, People, People

It was great to meet with Simon Biltcliffe but what really stands out is how fantastic his PA Lisa Bowen was with me – open, generous, encouraging, efficient and a real unexpected bonus to encounter when trying to arrange a meeting with a phenomenally busy guy. The Australian Paralympian Elizabeth Wright has been a joy to meet and an inspiration to work with. Thanks to Nadio for introducing me to David Broadhead who has really helped to crystalise  my thinking about Leadership.

I’ve also met a great bunch of diverse people at numerous events who have been engaging, thought provoking and also very generous. I love Suits and Vinyl – what a great way to meet other business people. And I have been so very fortunate to work with some great clients scattered across the UK, to have helped them take steps in new directions and to receive such positive feedback and encouragement – a big Wow Thank You to you all.


There is so much out there: some simply fantastic Ted Talks; articles and blogs; great conferences, groups, talks and lectures at local universities. However, my highlight has been participating in David Broadhead’s exceptional 21st Century Manager Course – what a top guy.


Mellon Udrigle, Welsh Wales with my best friend Paul Kurzeja and his family and camping in Mwnt were so refreshing. On our way home, using the voucher given to me by my former staff colleagues at No.6, we stayed in the Old Larch Yurt – it was magical. Some wonderful breaks which I enjoyed all the more as they seemed like holidays in full colour rather than black and white.

Yurt 1

Training, Workshops and Talks

Talks to students at The University of Law in London, Leeds Beckett University and Bradford University were all well received with some great feedback.  My “Becoming a Judge” workshop with Leeds Law Society was well received and I have adapted it and look forward to running it in other cities next year. But I was bowled over by the response and feedback to our “Leadership for Law Firms” seminar I ran with David in the autumn. I also really enjoyed being interviewed on the radio by Tee Liburd about my business and how people, stories and music inspire me.

My Favourite Project

Le Tour de Yorkshire was a fantastic event and Hope & Social’s Tour of infinite Possibility a stunning example of collaboration. I was so lucky to be involved with this and don a high viz jacket, giving me the opportunity to be a small part of a great team.

Pay Me My Money Down

My Pay Fair is working beyond my expectations and & I’m delighted to be donating to Simon on the Streets as clients recommend me on to others. I “Slept with Simon” in September and was really challenged by Pixie & Jamie’s stories. I had the chance to organise a charity football quiz and thank everyone for supporting it especially Trinity Arts for the venue and our brain scrambling quiz master Richard Clews!

Looking Forward to 2015

I swim most mornings and a couple of weeks ago the strongest swimmers invited me to swim in the fast lane with them! It’s a challenge! They have a wicked sense of humour and great banter. Maybe it is a good metaphor for how we can all encourage each other to raise our game next year.

Lego Swimmimng

I’ve received far more than I’ve managed to give out this year (including a new pair of Kickers!). I hope I get a better balance next year and look forward to the next few lengths.

This song just about sums things up:

Hope and Social– “What a Year” I’m somewhere in this video with my family and friends.

 Peace and Best Wishes to all for 2015.