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“The Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes”

Back in 2013,  I started wearing my Red Kickers to all my business meetings. I now understand there is some research from Harvard Business School indicating that wearing red shoes enhances perceptions of status and competence: Washington Post. Anyhow below is the story of when I bought my first pair.

I’ve never had any real fashion sense but was very fortunate that I grew up in London and just before I was going to university Dicky Dirts had a closing down sale. I walked into a scene of carnage as I entered the shop – I think it could have been a record for how many people you could cram into per square foot of shop. People were wandering around with arms full of merchandise with glazed grins and wide eyes scanning for more bargains.

I quickly found a couple of pairs of jeans, a few shirts, a duffle coat, some brown cord dungarees (I know!) and a size 10 red Kickers left boot – the holy grail. Now where was the right one? I put down my pile of clothes and went in search of the missing boot. I quickly scanned my enemies to check no one had “my” boot captive – relief swept over me as I realised I wouldn’t have to resort to violence to achieve my goal.

Before me were two large sturdy cardboard boxes brimming with shoes. I think someone spotted the boot in my hand. He rapidly made a calculation and started to delve into the box on the right. Now decisions, decisions – take him on in that box or start on the box on the left. Heart beat rising, getting warm now and the shoppers are getting noisier – calm, calm. Time froze as I went for the box on the left while, keeping my eye on my foe – dive down, deeper into my box. Should be easy to find a red boot in all of this and yes, got one, relief, victory – no size 8 – I see smile on face of my enemy as I kick that boot into touch.

Deeper, deeper down – wait what is this? Can only just touch the lace – then a nudge from behind and I’m face down in the box of boots. But I don’t care I can now get a better grasp of my prize and yes, yes it is a right 10. Thank you to whoever pushed me in – excellent team work – I emerge from the box, my face matching my boots but I don’t care – victory to the audacious! I gather my bounty and swagger to the tills worried that as I grow in stature I may need larger sizes. I can’t believe it when I come to pay, that all this is mine for the cost of a pair of Kickers. I get everything else for free: mega Dicky Dirts deal.

Sometimes you’re lucky, sometimes you make your own luck sometimes you get an unexpected helping hand. All of which reminds me of the song – “Eyes on the Prize“.

It is as a result of Steve Edge’s inspirational talk and advice that  I wear Red Kickers to all my meetings. My headline is taken from Elvis Costello’s wonderful track which I’m sure influenced my purchases!

*** STOP PRESS*** 10th December 2014


Birthday present from my fantastic big brother Mike

**** Ankle Replacement Dilemma May 2019 ****

Met wonderful fellow patient Barrie, despite the anaesthetics and drugs we swapped stories about life and work until nearly midnight on the day of our operations!

Croced and Barrie


Suitably Potted

Still crocked – problem with my wound!

Have 5 months - finally!

Finally 5 months after my ankle replacement – back on! 🙂