“Gotta call them as I see them!” A Non-Compliant Individual

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Most of the time you don’t need me or another advisor – you know the answers to your problems already or you have a number of great ideas. But to help to make things actually happen is where I can help you. I work with individuals, business and organisations to implement creative solutions. We may face some big challenges and tough decisions but let’s grab those opportunities and by doing things differently make a real change. My aim is to build your confidence and see if we can make some dreams come true.

Get Inspired

Len-terry-wiles“A dwarf on giant’s shoulders sees the further of the two”

If you can meet constant challenges, needless bureaucracy, insensitivity and indifference you can achieve great things. When I was young I was inspired by the story of Terry Wiles (a Thalidomide survivor) and his determination to overcome the huge challenges he faced. His story was made into BBC TV play starring Judi Dench and Bryan Pringle as Len. I was struck by the creativity and determination of his adoption father Len. He never gave up – he kept focussed on his goal and used his skills, resourcefulness and experience to find solutions that would transform Terry’s world.

Experience & Taking Steps Together

I have a wealth of real experience and skills (from several industries and job functions) which I combine to help businesses and individuals seize new opportunities. All my projects start by listening and developing proposals to meet the needs of the individuals in an organisation.

I do not offer one methodology or a preferred model or programme. Instead, by collaboration, I work with individuals to devise real, lasting and practical solutions. Together we approach a project one step at a time and we tailor steps to ensure that all individuals are enabled to progress.


Creativity and determination go a long way but people have to be engaged and we need to understand what motivates people and how we manage change across an organisation. I won’t provide you with a 200+ page report about your business. Life is too short and anyway you know your business far better than I ever could.

So What’s the First Step?

Let’s meet and focus on identifying some quick wins and build our relationship from there.