Circuit Judge Competition 2020 – The Essentials

“I got it!!!”  – Circuit Judge

***** UPDATE  25 February 2020*****

Launched today – deadline for applications is 13:00 on St Patrick’s Day Tuesday 17 March 2020 – there are 50 vacancies with 38 for immediate appointment.

The JAC have a number of other competitions at various stages so I know I have an extremely busy few months ahead . So apologies, in advance, for any delays in responding but I’ll acknowledge messages and revert as soon as I’m able.

“Your input has been invaluable” – Resident Judge Candidate

It looks very similar to the 2019 competition (with a request for a description of your sitting experience)) but in many ways, this is one of the most straight forward competitions that the JAC run. It has evolved over the years and now successful candidates know what they have to do: demonstrate their evidence of the competencies. You have two panels you need to convince – the short-listing panel and the selection day panel. There is some very helpful feedback, sound guidance and clear advice from the JAC on their website. There are expected to be 80 vacancies, but as with other competitions, the number may vary as the competition progresses. 

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