Circuit Judge Competition 2017 – The Essentials

“I got it!!!”  – Circuit Judge  – Appointed 2018

***** UPDATE *****

Deadline for applications extended by a week until 13:00 on Thursday 13 April.

NB with Easter holidays do make sure your assessors are available and can meet the 2 May deadline that hasn’t been put back!

“Your input has been invaluable” – Resident Judge Candidate

Some tweaks but in many ways, this is one of the most straight forward competitions that the JAC run. It has evolved over the years and now successful candidates know what they have to do: demonstrate their evidence of the competencies. You have two panels you need to convince – the short-listing panel and the selection day panel. There is some very helpful feedback, sound guidance and clear advice from the JAC on their website. There are expected to be 116.5 vacancies, but as with other competitions, the number may vary as the competition progresses.

Competition Information Page Link


There is a a good deal of information required to populate your on-line application, but most of this is the expected personal details. Most candidates will not have to update much of this – except for the number of days you have sat. Selection decisions are really focussed on how well you  and your referees can convey evidence of your experiences of the competencies. However, as in the recent DHCJ competition candidates will be short-listed on evidencing  just two competencies:  Exercising Judgement &  Assimilating and Clarifying Information. Plus your assesors’ assessments of you against all five competencies. In addition, all candidates will be asked to provide a Jurisdiction Statements of Suitability or two or three!

******   Jurisdiction Statement of Suitability  *****

” In addition, candidates will be required to provide a statement of suitability for each of the jurisdictions they apply for. This is an opportunity for candidates to demonstrate how their knowledge and experience makes them suitable for appointment to the jurisdiction/s applied for. Further guidance on composing a statement of suitability will be published shortly before applications open.”

JAC Guidance: 052_jurisdictional_information_civil_crime_family_1

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