Real Inspiration – Ted Talks or Songs?

I think there are some absolutely brilliant Ted Talks and I’ve eagerly shared them with many clients as well as during my workshops on leadership and communication. However, I find that music and songs have a greater impact on people. Perhaps it is true: “We learned more from a 3-minute record then we ever learned in school”.

Some of my favourite Ted Talks are by Brene Brown, Amy Cuddy, Sir Ken Robinson and Simon Sinek; they are all thought provoking, challenging and offer very clear and practical insights. There are also many other great videos, also freely available, on the internet, I can recommend e.g. Tom Peters on Kindness and Jackie Kelm on Appreciate Inquiry – brilliant stuff. All of these and many more offer us concepts, ideas, often articulate what we have felt, and challenge or encourage us.

However, as helpful as these videos are, I’d argue that songs and music are often far more effective at conveying messages that really connect with us as individuals. I’ve coached 100s of clients preparing for highly stressful selection days and always encourage them to listen to a favourite song just before their interview. There is a wealth of research about this on-line (much of it inconclusive) but songs do distract people, hence reducing nerves as well as stimulating more areas of the brain!

I have no recommended playlist, it is down to what songs you connect with you but here are the situations and songs I regularly share with my clients and those I’m mentoring:

Before an interview or important meeting: Hold On I’m Comin’   (I also used this on the holding page when I was developing my website!)

Following disappointment or rejection (especially the refrain at the end): Eurospin

Believing in yourself: I‘d Rather Be

Taking Risks: The Cape

Gratitude:  Days/This Time Tomorrow

Chasing up late payments: Nothing Arrived

I’d love to hear what songs you’d recommend for different situations? Equally, if you can recommend some videos or blogs please do share!

I must again acknowledge the inspiration Hope and Social the way they approach life and music and make it so inclusive. I’m looking forward to planning my autumn work around their tour!