Hope & Tears

I don’t think there were many dry eyes in the Brudenell Social Club, Leeds on Friday 5 October 2018.

Music has always been important to me, even though I can’t play any instrument, I can only sing enthusiastically (and feel sorry for people near me at gigs) and I can’t even clap in time! But being at a gig with others is one of the places I feel most at home, connected and alive. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to see some of the best bands in the world (I know that is very subjective) and been to some wonderful and memorable gigs. A number of years ago, a friend thought I may like to check out a band described as “A cross between Arcade Fire meets The Faces like a Yorkshire’s E Street Band” – they sounded right up my street!  Ladies and Gellyspoons… please allow me to introduce you to Hope and Social.

Ever since then I’ve been hooked, going to see them whenever and wherever I can and over the past couple of tours arranging my work to coincide with their tour!  I’ve seen them marching on through Hampshire, London, Cambridge, Runcorn, Birmingham and across much of Yorkshire.  From their straight gigs to their unique collaborative events in the community, they always deliver. I’ve introduced friends, family and clients to them and they’ve all enjoyed their shows. I talk about their songs in my workshops and seminars as well as sharing their songs with clients when I know words are inadequate. They’ve even allowed me to help with some of their events and are so welcoming and inclusive. There is a community around the band and a bunch of very lovely people who I have got to know.

On 05/10/18 some of their fans recorded brief memories of their H&S experiences over the past 10 years. They interrupted the band and played them – they were funny, sad, uplifting and the band were reduced to tears on stage. 500 fans raised then raised phones with blue hearts and sang a raucous rendition of “Thank You For The Music”.


I make my living out of using words and helping my clients to express themselves but I’m at a complete loss to explain what Hope and Social mean to me!

Catch them live, watch their videos and listen to their music – I nabbed my Pay Fair idea from their Pay What You Want for their music.

How they make me feel: