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Keep the Customer Satisfied

Back in 1996 we were travelling in New Zealand and hired a car to tour around the islands for about a month. The car had a cassette player and we decide to find a record store in Auckland and treat ourselves to a tape.  On impulse we bought Cheryl Crow’s “If it Makes You Happy” but we knew we needed more than one song!

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Staple Stories

Stepping Stones

I was out walking with my wife in the Yorkshire Dales beside the Wharfe, along a stretch we’d walked many times, when I noticed a different option – some stepping stones.

We’d never been on the other side of the river, the sun was out but the river was pretty full. After my first two steps I realised that the stones were very slippery.  Do we go for it or go back the usual way?

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Another Fine Competition – Deputy District Judge Crime 2016 – Magistrates’ Court


*****UPDATE 22 August 2016*****

Congratulations to all who made it through the online scenario. Now you need to provide evidence of your competencies by noon on Monday 5 September:


I’m frequently asked how I work with candidates; I work based on the needs of each individual candidate:application forms and interviews.

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