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Judicial & Silk Selection Completing Compelling Application Forms


For over 20 years I have worked with dozens of candidates helping them to complete application forms and be short-listed for the following competitions: Deputy District Judges (Crime & Civil); Mental Health Review Tribunal Panel Members; Summary Sheriffs; Immigration Judges, Assistant Coroners; Recorders; District Judges (Civil & Crime); King’s Counsel Silk: Circuit Judges and High Court Judges.

For one Circuit Judge competition four candidates came to me for advice and four completed their forms themselves. The four I advised were all invited to interview, the others were not. Subsequently I worked with the unsuccessful candidates and they were invited for interviews in later competitions.

I tailor my approach based on your needs and experience – some candidates need very little advice. However, on average I estimate it will take about 2 hours of my time but it will take considerably more of yours. In my experience, if it is the first competency based competition you have applied for, you should expect to invest in the region of 16 hours of your time to make your application as strong as possible.

It will save you considerable time and a bit of money if you ask me to explain how to approach completing your form. This initial advice can be done face to face; by MS Teams, Zoom Skype, Face Time or by phone and we should only need about 45 minutes. The earlier you do this the better. Either way if you haven’t started working on your form do so now! Many successful candidates started thinking about and collecting stories and writing down examples a year before a competition was even announced.

There is a wealth of very useful information (FAQs + helpful guidance) on the JAC and the KC selection websites, numerous application form guidance websites and forums. I recommend you exploit these fully. Additionally, talk to and get advice from successful candidates – ask if they will show you a copy of their form. Ask people who you know have been on short-listing panels for advice. If possible volunteer to be on a short-listing panel to gain experience and insights. Finally, encourage your colleagues, friends and family to read your draft forms – you may well receive some invaluable and helpful insights.

What you can expect if we do work together:

1. This process is best completed in bite sized chunks and progress is dictated by you.

2. If required, I will talk you through how to approach completing your form and give you a number of tips, dos and don’ts. This could save you a great deal of time and frustration.

3. We can also discuss your potential referees and how you can enable them to give you stronger references.

4. I will review your initial draft and then we will focus on the Self-Assessment section.

5. I do not correct grammar or spellings – use your software to correct your drafts and then copy and paste the checked text into your actual form.

6. We will arrange a time to talk through your first completed draft. I will give you straight and possibly even blunt advice as required. I will make suggestions and discuss with you other potential examples or alternative phrasing. But it is your application and l will not write it for you.

7. You can then consider my advice and redraft your form. We then discuss your next draft and again seek to improve it via discussion and suggestions.

8. We repeat step 7 as many times as you require and until you are content that the form demonstrates your competencies or skills and abilities to the maximum effect.

9. Throughout the process I will let you know how much time I have spent preparing and advising. We can do all the above by a combination of e-mail, face to face meetings, Skype, Face Time or phone – it is simply a matter of what you prefer.

10. Any contact, discussions and material you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence.

“Looking at the list of recipients of your email, I think nearly all of us have you to thank for your help in filling in horrendous forms and for interviewing coaching”. 

You can use as much or as little of my time and expertise as you require and you pay what you judge to be fair: Pay Fair.

Find out more or have an informal confidential conversation please call: 0796 999 7335  or any queries:

Here are some simple tips: Stand Out from the Crowd.

How Much May It Cost?

In terms of fees, I aim to keep my advice short and sweet; I charge £200 + VAT an hour but under my Pay Fair you pay what you want.

It takes me about 15-20 mins to prepare my initial feedback on a draft application form. Then we have a session discussing that. Time varies with candidates from 15 mins all in, to several sessions and possibly 4+ hours. But on average 1-2 hours – it all depends on your needs.

Recent Candidate Client Feedback:

 “I feel I have had very good value from you.”  *****  “This has been immensely helpful.”  ***** “Many thanks for today Tim it was extremely helpful”  ***** “I was really grateful to have had your expert help and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you. So many thanks again. You were a star!”

“Many thanks. Very helpful guidance: I think the steer you gave me plus the wisdom on your website has been sufficient.”