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s9(4) Deputy High Court Judge November 2016 Competition

22 November 2016

“The Lord Chancellor has increased the number of vacancies to up to 20; about 7 to the Family Division, 5 to the Chancery Division and 8 to the Queen’s Bench Division.” 

18 November 2016

“Extremely helpful. In fact, invaluable. Much appreciated.”

DHCJ 2016 Candidate Feedback

16 November 2016

Last  year’s successful candidates just announced  here – why the secrecy?!!

***** UPDATE 15 Noveber 2016*****

This competition launched today deadline for applications 13:00 Tuesday 29 November 2016.

In many ways this looks like the easiest and most straight forward competition that the JAC has run for a fee paid role. But they are looking for top calibre, exceptional candidates.  “Those appointed to sit as Deputy High Court Judges will be expected to undertake work which would otherwise be undertaken by salaried High Court Judges.” This is their 3rd such DHCJ competition and like the first is hoping to attract applicants who do not currently sit.

At A Glance

  • Four year fixed term basis
  • Shortlisting from 2 competencies 250 words to demonstrate: ‘Exercising Judgement’ and ‘Assimilating and Clarifying Information’.  NB in addition,  within 500 words describing a significant piece of  recent work.
  • Telephone Assessment
  • Submission of the evidence to demonstrate the further three competencies and your independent assessors (referees) will be asked for their assessments.
  • Selection Day: role play and competency based interview

27/10/16 JAC shared a podcast by DHCJ Peter Marquand which is well work listening to here.

First Step

Approach your assessors and start drafting evidence of the 2 shortlisting competencies.

Below are some details about the two most recent DHCJ competitions with some tips and advice.

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Can You Hear Me?

Many who know me will recognise one of my favourite quotes “Use your ears and mouth in the ratio God gave them to you!”  And know how often I transpose that ratio – sorry!

But my ears pricked up when I heard Peter Lumley talk about ting – which I felt I just had to share. Apparently “ting” is the Chinese word for “to listen” so let me try and explain the four elements and how it is such a rich and challenging description. The symbol (shown) is in effect four elements: An ear, 10 eyes, a heart and a king.

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10 suggestions for improving the judicial appointments process

Anyone interested in sitting part-time or full-time needs to understand how the JAC’s selection process is evolving. It has changed significantly over the past 6 months with the introduction of  new competency frameworks, on-line applications and multiple-choice qualifying tests for some competitions.

Based on my experience of working with scores of candidates across most of these recent competitions – can I suggest the following:

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