s9(4) Deputy High Court Judge Competition 2023

**** 17 January 2023 ****

“The purpose of a s9(4) Deputy High Court Judge appointment is to provide candidates of exceptional ability with a pathway to make an application to be a salaried High Court judge. Further information on pathways to the High Court is provided here.”

There are 28 vacancies across the 3 divisions:  In the King’s Bench Division, applications are encouraged from candidates who are generalists and with expertise in any of the Division’s work including those with significant expertise in commercial law, crime, media and communications law, planning law, public law and technology and construction law. Within the Family Division, applications are especially welcome from candidates with expertise in high value financial remedy cases or complex children cases.”

Deadline is 13:00 on Wednesday 08/02 – 1500 word statement of suitability and 500 words about your expertise.   JAC s9(4) competition details here.

 07969997335 or e-mail E:

NB no telephone assessment as not part of the short-listing process this time.

Shortlisting will be by paper sift, based on the evidence provided in the statements of suitability, as provided by both the candidate and their assessors

“Extremely helpful. In fact, invaluable. Much appreciated.”

DHCJ Candidate Feedback



Demonstrating Your Skills and Abilities

The short video above may be of some help to you or this simple guidance if you can’t spare 5 minutes to watch it.


You must have selected and gained approval from your assessors:

1. Ask ideally face to face, with an open question whether they will support your application;

2. Make sure, especially if they are likely to be a popular assessor, that you are their #1 candidate otherwise consider asking some else;

3. Be sure they are in a position to comment on and give evidence of their experience of how you have demonstrated the competencies;

4. Make sure they are available and committed to giving you a reference within the required schedule (e.g. not on holiday);

5. Ask them for any advice and tips, if they would like anything from you and thank them for their support;

6. Draft out examples of when they’ve seen you demonstrate the competencies and any other people you mutually know who may assist them with evidence for your assessment.


A Helping HandTime

Your time is at a premium and to submit a great form that gives you the best chance of making the selection day don’t leave it too close to the deadline. There was considerable extra unnecessary stress for the three candidates I was working with on the morning before a JAC competition deadline! But like you they have a pile of other competing and conflicting priorities.

Collaborate with others, there are others like me who have provided invaluable help, advice and constructive, challenging feedback to successful candidates.

Here is how I work with candidates on developing strong applications to help them make their selection days. Plus all my clients pay me what they want with my Pay Fair scheme.

If you have any queries or want any clarification please either just call me on 0796 999 7335 or e-mail me

Good luck everyone but if you decide not just to rely on good fortunes do also read some of the excellent tips and advice on the JAC website and ask colleagues, judges, family and friends for some help? 

Watch Alexandra Marks talk about being a DHCJ: