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JAC Recorder Competition 2018

They slipped this out:

“The JAC has received an amended vacancy request during the course of this selection exercise. There are now up to 160 vacancies (decreased from up to 250) including 2 Welsh speaking posts. This exercise remains non-jurisdictional and the JAC will recommend the most meritorious candidates for appointment.”

****** 27 November 2018 ******

Just ahead of the selection days I understand that the number of posts has jumped to 250 – very good news for those still involved.

***** 1 November 2018 *****

Candidates who have made it this far will learn about their selection day dates by 8 November – NB check your spam and junk folders.  Numbers who are through have not yet been confirmed my guess is it will be around 350 candidates for the 150 vacancies.

***** 21 August 2018 *****

Qualifying tests results due out tomorrow Wednesday 22 August  – check your e-mails and spam – fingers crossed!


**** Update 15 August 2018 ****

No technical problems reported with with stages 1 & 2 and results expected imminently.  Stage 3 is the hardest hurdle – this feedback taken from the recent DDJ Civil test may assist:

“The panel agreed that they would overlook minor errors made by candidates where the meaning was obvious, for example spelling mistakes and typographical errors. Stronger candidates scored a range of marks across both questions and underpinned their answers with a good grasp of the relevant civil procedure rules. They adopted a logical approach to their decision making. The strongest answers were clear and specific and identified the relevant factors.

Weaker answers failed to reach a conclusion or came to the wrong conclusion on the evidence provided. They often did not demonstrate a clear process to their decision making and may not have considered all the relevant factors when reaching their conclusions. The strongest answers were clear and specific and identified the key factors.

Generally, candidates with the highest marks had read and absorbed the scenario making specific references to the correct issues and directions to evidence their understanding of the matters that needed addressing. They referenced the relevant legislation making effective use of their time and word allocation.

Weaker candidates failed to manage their time effectively and therefore were not able to deal with the second question in enough detail. Some candidates failed to structure or communicate their answers clearly making their intent ambiguous. They failed to make a decision or set out their reasoning in sufficient detail…”

Full DDJ Civil Qualifying Test Report: here


This year’s Recorder competition launches on Tuesday 19 June and there are currently 150 vacancies. Last year’s competition was beset by problems, frustrations and delays. You can catch the gist of what happened to the 2,500+ candidates who applied here. As a result the JAC have simplified their process in line with other large fee paid competitions that they have been running this year.

To succeed and take your seat on the bench you will need to prepare professionally so that you can have an edge over your competition. This undated blog is written to help you understand what is required and what you need to do to be prepared, fully prepared.

As information is made available I’ll update this page as the competition progresses and you can follow my updates on Twitter 

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Bruce and Clarence 


Lessons From The Boss

As I prepare to go and see Bruce Springsteen on Broadway I thought I should update my LinkedIn blog from 2015 asking how he has continued to develop his career over the last 50+ years. There is talent on every street corner and hundreds of musicians yet only a tiny percentage make it and even fewer can sustain it. So, what, if anything, can we learn about leadership and success from The Boss?

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