Entries from February 12th, 2016



Silk 2018 – QC Competition

 ***** Deadline 5pm Wednesday 28 March 2018 *****


“The chat this morning was great. I feel much more confident about how to approach the early stages now. I will definitely be in touch once the competition opens  I’ve worked on some parts of the form.

Candidate 1 February 2017

“Hi Tim. I’m pleased to tell you that your record of successfully getting people through continues. Many thanks for all your patience & it definitely made all the difference.” 

– 2017 Silk

First and foremost, do read the QC Appointment 2018 Guidance . But I would also strongly recommend that you consider the 2017 competition report, as it will give you a real insight into who gets appointed and why.

It is a straight forward process, but the application form can initially appear daunting.  Print off the competency framework and throughout the competition make this your plumb line.

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We Need to Have Some Words with HIM!

What Stories Will You Share?

A picture tells a 1’000 stories?

Building on from the success of his poem writing, my 15 year old son, Tadhg, is planning his next project –  a story telling evening. He hopes you will come along, share stories, poems or maybe tell a joke. It should be an enjoyable evening where we’ll share, learn, laugh and perhaps be moved.  He’s been a member of Ilkley Young Writers Group for a number of years and therefore seen and heard some wonderful, engaging and powerful performances. We hope a number of them will be joining us on Friday 11 March 2016 – hopefully a treat for all ages. A community event – where everyone is very welcome!

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