Is the Pen Mightier than the Sponsored Walk?

3 words and an image

Can create a personalised poem for you

Can create a Moroccan dream for him

But absolutely no chance of making a  poet out of me!

For the curious and/or generous:

We all face different challenges. I’m really proud that Tadhg had the courage to go for it and sing on stage with Bruce Springsteen at Wembley (story). That was certainly out of his comfort zone but two years on he has a new challenge. He has recently been given a fantastic opportunity to go to Morocco with scouts, which will be a big challenge for him and hopefully a great adventure. But his immediate challenge is to raise £1800!

He watches and listens and has decided to challenge himself to write personalised poems (not inspired by my recent number plate Staple Story!) for anyone who’d like to support him.


He’s been part of a young writers group for several years, learning about the challenges of creative writing. Funded by Bradford Council and The Ilkley Literature Festival.

How it works 

What the poem is about, is totally up to you. You simply send him, via me, any 3 words and a picture. You can make this about whatever you would like, whether it be silly or serious, the more creative and challenging the better. For example, I have attached a poem he has written for me, based on the 3 words and picture I sent him!

Poem 1

I forwarded this onto the band and their wonderful guitarist Rich gave Tadhg a picture and three words: Dog, Child and Peace. Their response on receiving it “We love it. Absolutely love it.”

Your Poem

When he has written your unique poem, I will send it to you. He would then be delighted to receive your feedback and any donation towards his Moroccan challenge. If you would like your poem as a present for any occasion (Birthday, Anniversary, etc.) then please just let him know your deadline.

When all the poems have been written he will share them all with you, in a collection – Tadhg’s My Moroccan Montage.

So please just e-mail your 3 words and photo to me with a deadline, then I hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

+44(0)796 999 7335

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