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Keep the Customer Satisfied

Back in 1996 we were travelling in New Zealand and hired a car to tour around the islands for about a month. The car had a cassette player and we decide to find a record store in Auckland and treat ourselves to a tape.  On impulse we bought Cheryl Crow’s “If it Makes You Happy” but we knew we needed more than one song!

I’d fallen out with my brother (blog about that here) and saw a 60’s compilation which had on it The Hollies “He Ain’t Heavy”.  We didn’t have much 60’s music at home; it had some other great tracks, so I thought that it would hit the spot nicely. We got back in the car and started to drive out of the city. We got the tape out, stuck it in the player and then realised it hit all the right notes, but they were not in the right order! By mistake they had put the tape for Vol 1 in the Vol 2 case (or vice versa I can’t remember).

So we drove back to the store and I pulled up on some double yellow lines outside while Janet went in on her crutches.  The guy apologised, swapped the tapes and thrust a CD into her hand.  She came out we stuck the tape in the player and I put my foot down…

The CD we were given was Carole King’s Tapestry and it is one of our favourite albums with so many great songs. To celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary we’re off to see her perform this album at Hyde Park. “Ain’t it good to know you’ve got a friend?”

*****  Guardian 5 Star Review of Gig  *****


I try and support musicians and independent record stores by buying music directly – if only that record store was more local!  The title of this blog is taken from a collaborative Crypt Cover by a band who leads the way for independent musicians.

PS Guess what happens when we’re kinder to each other?