Branding & Design Edge – Uncommon Sense

I was lucky enough to be at a Leeds Business School to hear Steve Edge @EdgeDesignLtd let the audience have his views on marketing and design with both barrels. Steve told us stories and anecdotes from his amazing career which were both thought provoking and challenging – but laced with some simple pearls of wisdom. From working on the Muppets and then Star Wars with George Lucas Steve set his own design studio up in his early twenties

Below is my take on the nuggets he shared when he told us about the businesses and their brands he has helped to thrive or reinvigorate. He didn’t show us any images; he talked for about 90 minutes, without notes and weaved his stories with a passion for life, fun and practical lateralism (I’m delighted spell check doesn’t like it!).


Steve’s views:

60% of business is knowing, liking and trusting

Offered to help a fellow artist ended up with great deal on first studio – what goes around comes around.

Recruiting talent look at what they can do not their qualifications.

Do business for the right reasons what goes around comes around (again)

Brands need to have a sense of humour

Heritage and history are the DNA of brands and people buy into that

Branding is about stories

Invest in good photography as people buy people and personality

Steve is dyslexic – tell people and guess what happens

Lateralism is the key to getting you branding/message across

Less is more – create a wow in people’s minds – throw one ball and they’ll catch it, six and they’ll drop them all.

Brand names must have legs, a story and make sense but once born people can grow to love them.

One point wins the premiership.

That moment, that time – passion makes you good

Steve’s rich aunt had a cabinet of things for special occasions but died without using them. Dress to the full every day and make every day a special day.

 Wow Thank You  – Steve!