“Well every now and again the ripples rock my boat…

I just throw up my arms and we’ll get soaked”

Whether your ripples are the never ending government changes to our legal system, the increasing regulatory requirements, bureaucracy and technological changes, frazzled clients, stressed colleagues or simply increased competition – our boats can feel well and truly rocked.

However, the ripples we have to contend with are extremely unlikely to develop into tsunamis. But they are helpful warning signs and should cause us to listen, look around and reflect – then respond.

So if as an individual, in your firm or chambers you are feeling a few ripples and aren’t sure how to respond can I suggest you either buy a big waterproof or you may find a some help on nearby pages.

Alternatively you could just enjoy the song that inspired this e-mail:  (Not on early versions of IE!)

Please do call or e-mail if you have a question or would simply like to bounce an idea off me.

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PS:  Let’s try to avoid a soaking but together perhaps we could create a bit of a splash