Becoming A Judge – Judicial Workshops



 I will be donating 10% of the proceeds from my workshop to the CLSA/LCCSA Fund for the Judicial Review of the Ministry of Justice.

However, please also contribute:

Where, when & why should you attend?

Leeds Wednesday 30 April 2014 – please do come and join us and you will:

– gain insights and advice about competency based recruitment;

– learn how to make your application forms standout;

– discover how you can prepare to succeed at interviews.

I aim to pack the two hours with real examples, tips and advice plus answer any questions you or others may have.

For those of you who may be anxious to be seen attending a workshop on applying for judicial and other roles the alternative title is “An Appreciation of American Graffiti”.

To find out more and how you can be in with the in crowd please either call or click:

0796 999 7335  

 LEEDS: Eventbrite:

However if you don’t like crowds we could also have a one to one session?