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Keep the Customer Satisfied

Back in 1996 we were travelling in New Zealand and hired a car to tour around the islands for about a month. The car had a cassette player and we decide to find a record store in Auckland and treat ourselves to a tape.  On impulse we bought Cheryl Crow’s “If it Makes You Happy” but we knew we needed more than one song!

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Another Fine Competition – Deputy District Judge Crime 2016 – Magistrates’ Court


*****UPDATE 22 August 2016*****

Congratulations to all who made it through the online scenario. Now you need to provide evidence of your competencies by noon on Monday 5 September:


I’m frequently asked how I work with candidates; I work based on the needs of each individual candidate:application forms and interviews.

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Silk 2019 – QC Competition

 ***** UPDATE 14 February 2019*****

“Many, many thanks, and more thanks for all the expert help and encouragement you gave, it was invaluable.”                    2018 Candidate

The 2019 competition is now open deadline for applications:

 5pm on Thursday 28 March 2019.

“Hi Tim. I’m pleased to tell you that your record of successfully getting people through continues. Many thanks for all your patience & it definitely made all the difference.” 

First and foremost, do read the QC Appointment 2019 Guidance. But I would also strongly recommend that you consider the 2018 competition report, as it will give you a real insight into who gets appointed and why.

It is a straight forward process, but the application form can initially appear daunting.  Always have a copy of the competency framework to hand and throughout the competition make this your plumb line.

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We Need to Have Some Words with HIM!

What Stories Will You Share?

A picture tells a 1’000 stories?

Building on from the success of his poem writing, my 15 year old son, Tadhg, is planning his next project –  a story telling evening. He hopes you will come along, share stories, poems or maybe tell a joke. It should be an enjoyable evening where we’ll share, learn, laugh and perhaps be moved.  He’s been a member of Ilkley Young Writers Group for a number of years and therefore seen and heard some wonderful, engaging and powerful performances. We hope a number of them will be joining us on Friday 11 March 2016 – hopefully a treat for all ages. A community event – where everyone is very welcome!

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Circuit Judge Competition 2019 – The Essentials

“I got it!!!”  – Circuit Judge


**** UPDATE 13 June 2019 ****

Number of vacancies has been reduced from 80 > 50 (maybe this happened at same time the Recorder numbers were reduced – collapse in criminal receipts?). In last year’s competition 200 applied > 132 were shortlisted >60 recommended.

***** UPDATE  23 January 2019*****

Launched today – deadline for applications is 13;00 on Wednesday 13 February 2019 – there are up to 80 vacancies with 29 for immediate appointment (which means in effect probably early 2020!)

The JAC have a number of other competitions at various stages so I know I have an extremely busy few months ahead . So apologies, in advance, for any delays in responding but I’ll acknowledge messages and revert as soon as I’m able.

“Your input has been invaluable” – Resident Judge Candidate

It looks very similar to the 2018 competition (with an additional request for a description of your sitting experience)) but in many ways, this is one of the most straight forward competitions that the JAC run. It has evolved over the years and now successful candidates know what they have to do: demonstrate their evidence of the competencies. You have two panels you need to convince – the short-listing panel and the selection day panel. There is some very helpful feedback, sound guidance and clear advice from the JAC on their website. There are expected to be 80 vacancies, but as with other competitions, the number may vary as the competition progresses. 

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“I’m Always Open to Ideas”

Entering the third year of running my consultancy and seem to have even more to learn and do!
So, a good time to take stock, lift my head up and try and see where we’re heading. I must start by saying a big Wow Thank You to all my clients. I’ve worked with some great and seriously talented people, at times it has been challenging but also deeply rewarding to receive your positive feedback. THANK YOU.

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Is the Pen Mightier than the Sponsored Walk?

3 words and an image

Can create a personalised poem for you

Can create a Moroccan dream for him

But absolutely no chance of making a  poet out of me!

For the curious and/or generous:

We all face different challenges. I’m really proud that Tadhg had the courage to go for it and sing on stage with Bruce Springsteen at Wembley (story). That was certainly out of his comfort zone but two years on he has a new challenge. He has recently been given a fantastic opportunity to go to Morocco with scouts, which will be a big challenge for him and hopefully a great adventure. But his immediate challenge is to raise £1800!

He watches and listens and has decided to challenge himself to write personalised poems (not inspired by my recent number plate Staple Story!) for anyone who’d like to support him.

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s9(1) & s9(4) Deputy High Court Judge Competitions 2019

***** 15 January 2019 *****

The s9(4) competition launches 15/01/19 with a deadline for applications of 13:00 on 05/02/19. There are up to 20 vacancies. Same as s9(1) (for those who already sit) candidates will initially be short-listed using a “paper sift” – however, unlike most other JAC competitions the new simplified three High Court skills and abilities will be used. You will have to evidence your in a <1500 word Statement of Suitability : 1. Legal and judicial skills; 2. Personal qualities 3. Working.  Whereas the s9(1) candidates had to evidence them in <400 words for each one. This s9(4) seems like a move back to how competitions were run many years ago.

s9(4) candidates will require two assessors (referees in old parlance) and also have the additional hurdle of a telephone assessment in early May.

Below you can see how these Deputy High Court Judge competitions have evolved over recent years together with links to some videos and advice you may find helpful. If you can’t find what you are looking for or have any questions please >

T: 07969997335 or E: [email protected]

***** 20 November 2018 *****

35 candidates sought as judges of the High Court s9(1) > launches 27/11 deadline 18/12.

“Shortlisting will be by paper sift, based on the evidence provided in the statements of suitability, as provided by both the candidate and their leadership judge.” 


You can see from this blog how these competitions have evolved over the recent years, but essentially the core elements are the same. You should find all you need to know about this competition and some tips about how to become a Deputy High Court Judge. If you are unsure about anything please do contact me and I’ll point you in the right direction

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