Tim’s Top 10 Tips for Marketing on a Budget

In September,  I was invited to be on a panel for a PM Forum  event in London where we shared some ideas on marketing on a budget.  It was geared to professional services: lawyers, accountants, architects but most of the ideas can be applied across industries and sectors.  Subsequently, I was asked to write an extended article and that was recently published-  “Punching Above Your Weight – Uncommon Sense”.

I’d welcome your feedback and thoughts:

“We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that created them”            Einstein

  1. 1. Market Internally – as a co-professional and peer.


  1. 2. Look externally at your clients/customers’ experience


  1. 3. Go for quick early wins to establish credibility.


  1. 4. Find, nurture and support your champions – intrapreneurs. Training.


  1. 5. Establish clear decision making processes.


  1. 6. React quickly to opportunities.


  1. 7. Work with and value great suppliers.


  1. 8. Be curious – look at ideas and trends in other industries and your competitors. Your training and Development


  1. 9. Recruitment and complaints are great marketing opportunities.


  1. 10. Be willing to make mistakes, to learn and to apologise.


  1. 11. Give extra and stand out from the crowd.



My full article can be read here: pm-forum-budget-marketing