Interviews: The Answer Lies Within

You are hugely resourceful and inspiring and I do believe you add value. Also I love that you are personable and grounded and tell it “just as it is”. –  Client May 2014

Sometimes you learn things from unexpected places. Last summer I was in New York and, having been persuaded by my son, I reluctantly ended up going to a Lego exhibition! But it was no ordinary Lego exhibition it was brilliant, challenging and thought provoking art by a former corporate lawyer Nathan Sawaya.

I’ve been running a number of workshops recently and one to one interview coaching sessions. They have been very well received and I have been learning what helps people the most and makes the greatest impact. There is no magic formula. It’s only common sense and all revolves around developing the ability to tell stories and connect with interviewers. Simples!

The difficulty is that the competition to get a training contract, pupillage or a judicial post has never been tougher. It seems that a huge barrier or wall has been placed between you and the role you want. One of Nathan’s pieces “Overcome” has a figure getting a step ladder to get over an obstacle – a smart move. But in an interview it is just you and that was when I remembered Nathan’s yellow figure – the answer is within you.

My objective in my workshops and coaching is to help you release and realise your potential. So the more interactive our sessions are, the seemingly daft or tough your questions the better. The more you are open and willing to be challenged and want to learn and develop the more we can achieve.

“A most helpful session. I will look at the JAC form with the scales having fallen from my eyes”. Client

Feedback from my “How to Succeed at Pupillage Interviews” workshop at The City Law School London included:

“I have already heard some great reports”  – “I’m enjoying your presentation. A novel and effective take on interviews”.  – “Thanks so much for your presentation, which I found very informative”.

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The Art of the Brick is well worth a look: there are some really great ideas and plenty of food for thought.