Developing My Website – Vienna

Over the past few months I have learnt a great deal and also had to recognise my limitations and where I need help. My friend Paul (who designed my identity) suggested a WordPress template that would be ideal for my initial website. So at the beginning of September I sat down and hit a brick wall of frustration. Given my lack of any real IT skills – it was my worst nightmare of incomprehensible, technical instructions. The lyrics from Ultravox’s Vienna came flooding back – “This means nothing to me” coupled with the dreaded, déjà vu type, recurring memory of a statistics exam at university! 

Fortunately a couple of months earlier a friend told me her son developed websites. So I contacted him, explained what I needed and he told me that was not a problem.

I’m so delighted I made that call. He then introduced me to someone he knew and she could develop the design. In parallel I started to develop my ideas and write the content. Working together by phone, e-mail and on the development site the project took shape. We ended up ditching the original Word Press template and James developed a bespoke site. I don’t think I’m a particularly easy client but together we have produced something that has received very positive feedback.

Plus I have learnt a new skill and can now easily manage and update my site using WordPress – so I no longer feel such a numpty!

So a big Wow Thank You James & Sally – I’m really delighted with your work and the result.