Lead a Ship or Jump Ship?!

There are huge challenges facing many firms and enormous pressure on leaders. I think our old models and ways of leading no longer adequately serve 21st century firms. However, there is a jungle of advice out there, the good, the bad and the ugly.

I‘m really interested in learning about the latest thinking and ways in which we can unlock the talent and potential in firms. But I appreciate that this is a massive task and there are no magic solutions. However, there are a lot of great people out there doing amazing things. I wanted to share this latest thinking and learning with anyone who is frustrated with the old methods and wants to learn how situations can be transformed.

So I ran a workshop with David Broadhead to explore some of this thinking with The Leeds Law Society in October. Here’s what we tried to do:

Leadership and Management

 A thought provoking seminar to help you identify the critical business questions you and your firm should be addressing.

The seminar will help you gain an insight into:

– Where are you – ahead, behind or under the wave of organisational change?

– Why the old ways of working are no longer effective for managing 21st century law firms.

– Understanding why firms need to shift from “Command & Targets” to “Coaching & Trust”.

– Defining “Engagement” and how do you achieve it.

– How  the latest management techniques can enable you to retain and develop your talent

– Appreciating the power of focussing on why you do things rather than what you do.

And Our Delegates Said


 “The parts I found really helpful were the explanation of why 20th century management theory is not so helpful in the 21st century and the affirmation that it’s “normal” – or at least typical – for a manager’s time to be broken into 5 minute chunks.”

 “It was well presented by a couple of knowledgeable presenters who made the course personal by including and listening to all the thoughts of the other course attendees” 

“Thank you to you and David for your presentation on Monday.   I am very passionate about the things we were discussing and I would be interested to meet with you both again.” 

” I found your seminar very interesting and will be discussing it at the next team meeting! I didn’t find that anything was lacking in the seminar so can’t think of anything else that I would have included. Keep up the good work!”

“I think you both did marvellously…”

We would be delighted to discuss how we could share our learning with you please call Tim 0796 999 7335 or David 07957 325336.