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Phoenix FM Radio Interview


A 40 minute interview with Tee Liburd broadcast live from Halifax, Yorkshire, UK on Wednesday 26 November 2014. We discussed my career, what I do now, why I do the things the way I do and what I love. He also played a few of my favourite songs that are very significant to me and how I work.

“Blues skies, green fields, I keep them all in here” – bonus intro track – Red Red Rose by Hope & Social

And you may ask yourself – well, how did I get here?

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Lessons from The Boss

OK I admit I am a big fan, but with Bruce Springsteen turning 65 I’ve been wondering… how has he managed to continue to develop his career over the last 50 years? There is talent on every street corner and hundreds of musicians yet only a tiny percentage make it and even fewer can sustain it.

He clearly has great charisma but what else could we learn from him and apply in our own lives:

He works hard, very hard, he is incredibly focussed and driven.

He loves what he does.

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If You Feel You Can’t Sing – Why Would You Sing in Front of 71,000 People?

In June 2013 I quit my job, realised I’d not been a great dad but had tickets to see The Boss and the legendary E Street at Wembley Stadium. I  went down the night before, with my 12 year old son and given options he decided we should camp outside Wembley the night before to ensure we’d get into the pit! We met some great people in the queues and once we were given our wrist bands the following afternoon we headed off to the nearby Badlands party. We had a game of pool and bought some great T-Shirts depicting a single with the headline ” We learned more from a three minute record then we ever learned in school”.

They played an awesome set, including all of Darkness on the Edge of Town – could it get any better?

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