Praise & Grumble

Note from a Successful Candidate

Note from a Successful Candidate

I have always learnt from and appreciated feedback so please do let me have yours positive or critical…

“I got it!!!”  – Circuit Judge  – Appointed 2018

” I just wanted to say thank you so much for the assistance that you provided me with. Whilst plainly I can neither confirm, nor deny, anything, I wanted you to be aware that I could not have gone through the process at all without your assistance. It was utterly invaluable.”

“Whatever happens, working with you has been an unmitigated pleasure. Really, really grateful.”  DHCJ Candidate 2017

“Yesterday was a great help and I have discussed part with a colleague who is also enthused” – Consulting & Coaching Client

“Many thanks for your invaluable help. It made a huge difference and I’m very grateful!” Salaried Judge 2016

“Thank you so much. I couldn’t have done it without you.” Salaried Judge 2016

” @wowthankyoutim Only praise from me – great interview coaching & excellent music recommendations.”

“I’ve been recommended for appointment. I’m over the moon. Your help throughout the selection process was invaluable. Tim, I really cannot thank you enough for your help and support throughout the selection process.”

“Not this year I’m afraid but I do want to thank you for all your help and expertise. I certainly felt much better prepared than I would have been and I think the experience will stand me in good stead in future.”

“I did get an email and it said that they are not going to appoint me… but I remain very grateful for your help which was invaluable.”

“I got the job!!!!! I’m waiting to hear where I will be sitting and for the official announcement obviously. Thank you so much. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

– 2016 Circuit Judge Candidates


“Had such an inspiring meeting with @wowthankyoutim #payingitforward and #collaboration top of the agenda thanks @ESparkGlobal #topmentor”  Entrepreneurial Spark Chicklet June 2016.

“It was a really powerful conversation and will no doubt help us navigate closer towards our vision! I’m sure we’ll be coming back to you later down the line but for now a huge thanks.”  Mentoring June 2016.

” I am very grateful for all your help.  I really do believe that your input was the difference between being good and being great.  There is no doubt in my mind that you added value to the whole process and you really know your business.  I will always be grateful to you for what you have helped me achieve.  I also found you to be personable and you took time out to check out what was happening and remembered the key dates.   A real genuine person who I am glad I came across.  Thanks again.”    – Tribunal Judge May 2016

“I had my first day sitting in court yesterday as Coroner… I felt quietly confident, it all went very well and I absolutely loved it! I reflected later on how you helped to grow my confidence and skills to eventually get there! Thank you again.” April 2016

“Thanks for taking the time to listen to me! , I really appreciated it, both yourself and Julian gave me some good thoughts on avenues to pursue and next steps to take, it’s probably the most useful session I’ve had with any of the mentors since I’ve joined the Hatchery.” – January 2016 – Entrepreneurial Spark Chicklet

“Tim is ace and full of inspiration & encouragement, not really a piranha!” – Fellow Entrepreneurial Spark Mentor

“It was really good yesterday at the meeting and thank you for your support and guidance too, I’ve already started to look at how to apply some of the ideas.” Entrepreneurial Spark Chicklet – January 2016

“Thank you for everything.  I continue to recommend you.” – Circuit Judge Appointed December 2015

“Thank you so much for all your help, Tim. It certainly made a difference to the way I presented myself at interview – amongst other things it made me much more aware of the need to project myself, rather than merely being polite. I shall certainly recommend your assistance to other people in the same position.”  –  District Judge Civil Candidate December 2015

“I find you and the sessions with you quite excellent. It is a cliche, but you do indeed do what you say on the tin. I would not think to quibble with the fee because it is fair and it is agreed in advance. Please do send on a bill accordingly.” – Recorder Candidate June 2015

“The consultancy you have offered has really shed fantastic insight to the on-going development of the company… the Top 10 key areas that are bespoke to us has really enabled us to focus on what matters and what will have a significant effect on the business.”  Managing Director of a design company.

“Thank you very much indeed for all your help.  It was invaluable regardless of the outcome.”  Assistant Coroner candidate August 2015

“Thanks again for all the feedback – it is very helpful for our continuous review of our selection processes.” Judicial Appointment Commission 2015


“I will put your advice into my preparation and look forward to seeing you again in the future.”

“Thanks very much for your time and confirmation I am on the right track. The chat was perfect. Concise, to the point, and little waffle. Exactly what I needed!”

“I would never have got to where I am had it not been for the inspiration and self confidence Tim nurtured in me…”  – Circuit Judge

“Whoever you work with in the future will be very lucky”

“… you are the one who oils the cogs making it possible for us all to do our jobs to be best of our abilities.”

“I was always extremely grateful for all your help, both as PD to Chambers and as a career mentor to me and so many others.”

“A great number of past and present members owe you an enormous debt of gratitude.”  .

 “Your many skills have been an invaluable asset to Chambers.”

 “One of the consistent themes that Barristers at No 6 say to others on Circuit is that they have the best Practice Manager and from the way you handled my application, and from what I have seen since I joined, they are right.”

“I wouldn’t be a member of chambers were it not for you, and neither would chambers be what it is.” e.

“I am of the view that your work within Chambers over the last 16 years significantly raised the profile and the quality of Chambers.” 

“I think it no coincidence that Chambers has enjoyed such success both in terms of its work in all fields but also the number of successful applicants for Silk and the Bench.”

“It is true that you made a huge difference to No. 6 when you arrived all those years ago and what followed was,for me, the best time of my life at the Bar – thank you for that.”

“You made a difference at No.6. Your approach was novel and creative and you were obviously a great practice director, a good listener and very good at dispensing wise & down-to-earth counsel.”

“To me you have always been the best Practice Manager No 6 could wish for. You have been a compassionate listener to those in need of help be it in their careers or in their home life. You were responsible for setting up and steering the smoothest run machine on circuit.

“When we first appointed you it soon became clear that you brought to the job a new ethos of honesty and plain speaking. You have never shied from giving honest advice to people even if they did not care for what they heard and many survived in these tough times because of that advice and are grateful for it.” .



 “Where is this website of yours? You’ve been saying you have been working on it for the last month!” 

“Revisit the layout and content of your website and social media profiles, taking on board the comments I have made above.  A clearer up front summary of the range of services you provide, early on in your website and social media profile content will help minimise any confusion or surprises later on.”