Mentoring – Is it Me?

I’ve found myself drawn into mentoring individuals from different sectors with a very diverse spectrum of issues. It started when a couple of people suggested that I should get involved with Entrepreneurial Spark  It has exploded since then – and I’m loving it!

I’ve tried to find a definition for mentoring that I like or describes what I try to do but they all seem a bit too grand for me. I don’t have a set list of questions or a programme – all I do is make time to listen and then share examples and stories from my experience to encourage people to take a positive step.

As you can see below from the feedback, it looks like I’ve found another niche:

 “Many thanks for your excellent help and advice”

 “Had such an inspiring meeting with @wowthankyoutim #payingitforward and #collaboration top of the agenda thanks @ESparkGlobal #topmentor” 

 “It was a really powerful conversation and will no doubt help us navigate closer towards our vision! I’m sure we’ll be coming back to you later down the line but for now a huge thanks.”

 “Thanks for taking the time to listen to me! I really appreciated it, both yourself and Julian gave me some good thoughts on avenues to pursue and next steps to take, it’s probably the most useful session I’ve had with any of the mentors since I’ve joined the Hatchery.” –

“Tim is ace and full of inspiration & encouragement, not really a piranha!”

“It was really good yesterday at the meeting and thank you for your support and guidance too, I’ve already started to look at how to apply some of the ideas.”

“@wowthankyoutim  Wow… is all we can say. Your input today was fantastic. We learnt more in half hour than we thought possible. Appreciated”

“It was a pleasure to meet you too. You have certainly given me a lot to think about! Thank you for the links.”

Is it For Me?

It always starts with a conversation. You’ll know in a few minutes whether I may be the right mentor for you. If you decide you’d like to work with me then we’d agree a next step. We can then take as many or few as you’d like with the added confidence of my Pay Fair scheme.

So please either pick up the phone 0796 999 7335 or bounce me an e-mail