Silk 2020 – QC Competition

 ***** UPDATE  18 February 2020*****

“Many, many thanks, and more thanks for all the expert help and encouragement you gave, it was invaluable.”                    

The 2020 competition launched today with the deadline for applications at 5pm on April Fool’s Day!

The 2020 competition is very similar to last year’s. However, can I strongly recommend looking at the actual on-line application form, so that you fully understand what is required?  They have made some changes and their guidance is a bit opaque. However, I’ve been advised:“It is possible to have an overlap when describing summary of practise (Section E) and providing case summaries. If applicants are having difficulty understanding what the form requires and feel the Guidance is insufficient, they are of course very welcome to contact the office directly.”

“Hi Tim. I’m pleased to tell you that your record of successfully getting people through continues. Many thanks for all your patience & it definitely made all the difference.” 

First and foremost, do read the QC Appointment 2020 Guidance. But I would also strongly recommend that you consider the 2019 competition report  and especially the panel’s approach to the competencies  (although it dated 2018 this is current) these will give you a real insight into who gets appointed and why.

It is a straight forward process, but the application form can initially appear daunting.  Always have a copy of the competency framework to hand and throughout the competition make this your plumb line.

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